Top five measures

Material topics Initiatives Measures Status 2017 Measure ends
Biodiversity Establishing and enhancing environmental management Voluntary butterfly project as part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact (developing and implementing species protection measures for selected butterfly species on FMG premises) 50% 2020
Noise emissions and noise protection Accepting responsibility for pollution resulting from air traffic Designing and enhancing a noise protection strategy (active noise protection, flying procedures e.g. CDO, flight paths, landing charges, passive noise protection, noise protection programs) 50% 2020
Greenhouse gas (CO₂) and air pollutant emissions Accepting responsibility for pollution resulting from air traffic Introducing pre-conditioned air systems 100% 2017
Becoming carbon-neutral by 2030 Converting exterior lighting and apron lighting to LED technology 50% 2022
E-mobility: expanding charging infrastructure and procuring more electric vehicles 20% 2019

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