Munich Airport
Integrated Report 2017

Showing class

Best airport in Europe. Best terminal in the world. Record traffic figures once again, not to mention record profits. The outlook for Munich Airport has never been better since its move from Riem to Erdinger Moos 25 years ago. In this integrated report, therefore, there are many opportunities for us to show that class.

But «showing class» means a great deal more than just accolades and balance sheet figures. It also involves dealing fairly with one another and accepting responsibility for employees, neighbors and the environment. Munich Airport is setting standards here too: best employer in the transport sector, a climate protection pioneer, all while being actively dedicated to meeting the needs of the region. By showing class not just as an airport but also as a company that works in partnership with the region, we proudly proclaim our commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

Letter from the Executive Board

It Takes Class
to Be World-Class

2017 was a special year for Munich Airport. 25 years after the move from Munich-Riem to Erdinger Moos, we celebrated the airport's birthday and its success story with our employees, our partners and neighbors at the airport, and more than 50,000 guests.

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Backed by experience

The 700 trucks that trundled their way through Riem during the night of May 16 to 17, 1992, strikingly marked the start of the success story of the new Munich Airport in Erdinger Moos. That was 25 years ago and this anniversary was fittingly celebrated in 2017.

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Short journeys for long-haul flights?

One of the main factors in Munich Airport’s success is its role as a hub, which provides outstanding connections to every corner of the globe. Lufthansa has now permanently stationed further planes from its long-haul fleet in Munich. As a result, the airport has become one of the four airports in Europe to house the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane. The goal now is to keep passenger journeys as short as possible, even when they are traveling long-haul. This is not a simple task.

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Digitalization has found its way into our everyday lives. Not only is it reinventing business processes, it is also fundamentally changing social communication. Munich Airport is responding to this trend with its digitalization strategy.

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