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1. Please indicate who you are.
2. Munich Airport's integrated report is published as an online report. Overall, are you satisfied with the presentation of the reporting contents?
3. In your opinion, how relevant is the topic of sustainability for airports?
4. Do you view Munich Airport as a company that acts sustainably?
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5. How do you rate the importance of the following economic, social, and environmental issues to Munich Airport?
(very unimportant)
(very important)
Compliance & Corporate Governance
Infrastructure development and sustainable building (e.g. expansion plans, real estate development)
Customer focus
Landside access and traffic development (rail and road connections)
Air traffic development
Off-campus growth (consultancy and investments)
Security and safety in aviation
Linking transportation operators (seamless travel)
Occupational health and safety and health management
Employee training and recruitment
Equal opportunities and cultural diversity
Communication with social stakeholder groups (in particular regional groups)
Noise emissions and noise control
Employee satisfaction
Sustainable procurement
Training and skills management
Collaborating with regional partners (e.g. sponsorship)
Change of generations
Biodiversity (protection of species, soil sealing, for example
Sustainable use of resources (e.g. water, waste, de-icer)
Greenhouse gas (CO2) and air pollutant emissions
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6. Are you familiar with the additional formats in which Munich Airport’s integrated report is published (printed report and PDF)?
7. In order to compose data content individually, do you make use of the shopping cart and download center features in the online report?
8. In this year’s report, you find three documentaries on the big topics of 2017. Do you consider this as an additional benefit?
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9. To what extent do you agree with the following statements about the «SHOWING CLASS» report?
(entirely disagree)
(agree fully)
The report is written in a way that is understandable
The report is of a suitable length
The report combines economic, environmental, and social topics
The report contributes significantly to the transparency of Munich Airport’s business operations
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10. In your opinion, does the presentation of the six forms of capital help to make our business model clearer and easier to understand?

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