A job with added social value

Social aspects are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to choosing a place to work. Managers at the Munich Airport Group are of the firm belief that a working environment where people feel valued and good performance go hand in hand. Flughafen München GmbH was named one of the top 20 most family-friendly companies in Bavaria once again in 2017. The competition «Successful. Family-Friendly» was held by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and the Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Integration for the first time in 2017. FMG scored highly for a number of reasons, including its provision of daycare for employees’ children, its support in emotional and financial emergencies, and its extensive range of health services.

Diversity: both personal and cultural

As a company with an international outlook, Munich Airport benefits from the diversity of its employees. It respects the cultural heritage of all of its employees, taking into account their diverse interests and needs. Almost 23 percent of Group employees come from more than 70 different countries. of expertise within the Group. This fosters cultural exchange and increases the richness As an employer, FMG actively accepts responsibility toward all its employees and ensures equal opportunities and prospects at all levels. The promotion of women to management positions is an integral part of HR work. In its efforts to gradually increase the proportion of female managers, Munich Airport Group formulated individual targets in the fall of 2017. A three-year period through June 30, 2020 was specified as the subsequent deadline.

Employees – data and facts

Chart: Employees – data and facts

Networking for female managers

Female FMG managers set up the women’s network «MStars» at Munich Airport. The aim is to organize a continuous exchange between like-minded businesswomen both inside and outside the company and to build up contacts – perfectly in line with the motto of the brand message «Living ideas – Connecting lives». To support women at the beginning of their management role, FMG has taken part in the «Cross Mentoring Program» since 2016. In this program, every participant is assigned a mentor from a different company for a period of one year. She can compare notes with this mentor about the challenges of everyday management life or about her personal career planning.

Focusing on family and health

The Munich Airport Group offers a range of supplementary company benefits to foster a healthy work-life balance. For example, it launched the company agreement «Flexible Working Environment» at the beginning of 2017. More than 500 employees are already benefiting from this offer to perform up to 30 percent of their personal working hours in a home or mobile office. Much of the airport’s work in this area aims to maintain or improve the staff's ability to work. The Corporate Health and Social Management (BGM) division offers a wide array of services, ranging from occupational medicine and employee catering to advice for people living in difficult circumstances.

Additional offers

  • Health promotion initiatives, company sports club, ergonomics advice, fitness studio
  • Corporate daycare center
  • Care of employees’ children during vacations and public holidays
  • «OASE» social counseling facility
  • Social fund
  • Employee residences close to the airport
  • Reduced-rate monthly tickets for Munich’s public transportation system, Deutsche Bahn season tickets for train travel, and travel expenses allowance
  • «TwoGo» ride-share portal
  • Free parking on the airport campus
  • In-house travel agency with discounted offers

FMG health management is number one in the industry

Healthy, happy, and productive at work: in 2017, the Corporate Health and Social Management division was the industry winner of the renowned «Corporate Health Award» for its excellent health management system. This prize honors the commitment of the employer to maintaining the long-term health of the employees with need-oriented and age-appropriate offerings for both prevention and rehabilitation.

Corporate Health and Social Management

Occupational safety further refined

FMG has set itself the task of constantly improving working conditions, as well as accident and illness rates. New solutions are being developed all the time at Munich Airport to counteract any health hazards or risks in the workplace.

Work safety conference at Munich Airport

The maintenance and enhancement of the safety standard in the ground handling service is only possible with close cooperation in terms of occupational health and safety. In order to guarantee improved and safe processes while maintaining the same high quality, safety engineers, in particular from companies involved in aircraft handling on the campus, came together for the first time for a joint conference. The aim was to identify fields of action and to derive specific measures for minimizing risk and avoiding accidents.

Annual report «Shared Task, Shared Responsibility»

A joint annual report from the Occupational Health and Safety, In-house Health Management, and Occupational Medical Services divisions was published for the first time in 2017.


Another success was the consolidation of EcoWebDesk at FMG and AeroGround. EcoWebDesk is a web-based IT system that supports the Group-wide implementation of the statutory requirements in relation to occupational health and safety.

Electrical Safety Coordinator

The project to reorganize electrical safety at the Group was completed in 2017. In addition to the appointment of a coordinator, this project led to the passing of an operator guideline for properties, buildings, and facilities that is binding for all Group units. Supporting the managers in the implementation of this guideline is one of the key tasks for 2018. The guideline is designed to optimize the efficiency of the various processes and to define the responsibilities for properties, buildings, and facilities within the entire Group in a target-specific way.


The ergonomic design of the workstations was subjected to a detailed assessment in 2017. FMG plans to make considerable investments in 2018 on the basis of these investigations and tested application cases.

Photo: Ergonomics

Expected developments

The Occupational Health & Safety division is also active with regard to the ongoing digitalization, and is working closely together with the Airport Academy – for example, to develop web-based training courses on topics relating to occupational health & safety. In 2018, the assessment and certification of the internal occupational safety management system at FMG by the Trade Supervisory Authority will also be a major priority.

Numerous prospects for employees with impaired health

FMG possesses a great deal of expertise in the deployment and continued employment of employees with impaired health. A whole range of offerings is available to allow them as normal an everyday working life as possible: Occupational Integration Management, the continued employment of performance-impaired employees, the recruitment of disabled persons, and the training of young adults with special educational needs. As at December 31, 2017, the Group employed 677 staff members with disabilities or equivalent limitations, corresponding to around seven percent of the total workforce.

Binding standards for ground handling services

Since 2016, the providers of ground handling services at Munich Airport must satisfy numerous specifications with regard to occupational health and safety and qualifications during the process of a new license award. These binding standards will ultimately also improve the safety of the passengers and airlines.

Back health – lifting aids in the baggage transportation system

Lifting aids have been installed at the work stations in the baggage transportation system in Terminal 1. Various loading aids were tested and assessed beforehand, together with the technical departments. The aim of the lifting aids is to help prevent chronic musculoskeletal disorders. They also help employees with impaired health to return to work.