Material topics Initiatives Measures Status 2017 Measure ends
Occupational health and safety and health management Making workstations more ergonomic by using innovative technology Using innovative lifting aids in the baggage transportation system in Terminal 1 20% 2020
Optimizing occupational health and safety Establishing a central staff qualification management structure, for instance designing training measures for foreign assignments, designing online training modules for safety instructions 20% 2018
Equal opportunities and cultural diversity Covering the employee requirement qualitatively and quantitatively Equality of men and women in leadership roles in the Munich Airport Group Ongoing 2020
Sustainable procurement Enhancing strategy development and sustainability management Continuing to integrate sustainability criteria into supplier manageme Ongoing Ongoing
Collaborating with regional partners Accepting social responsibility in the non-profit sector (regional support in the areas of sport, social affairs, culture, education, and nature) Continuing existing sponsorship agreements, examining new project requests on the basis of the FMG sponsorship principles, and continuing intensive dialog with the sponsorship partners (such as «Jugend musiziert» («Youth makes music»)) Ongoing Ongoing